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3114, 1180 Blossom Hill Rd #1, 95118, San Jose, US, United States

🛍 Coffee, Cheese, Drinks, Sandwich, Donuts

4.6 💬733 Reviews

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Located at 3114, 1180 Blossom Hill Rd #1, 95118, San Jose, US, United States, Donut Basket offers a dining experience like no other. Our 4.6 rating and 731 reviews are a testament to the delectable journey that awaits you in our menu. Treat yourself to a flavorful dining experience! Donut Basket dining spot offers a tantalizing menu featuring a diverse array of appetizing choices. Dial +14082646641 to order food for delivery and savor the flavors at home.



Maximus Tromp
Maximus Tromp

everything is always fresh and delicious. the cheese jalapeño bagels have a nice hot fuck to them. the cheese bags are delicious. the apfelsitter are by far the best I had. the Vietnamese coffee is also good and not super sweet as many other places that awaken it. we always get something extra in our bag when we order. that is a beautiful surprise. big donut shop!

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Do you have any questions? Just call +14082646641. Order your lunch or dinner now at Donut Basket, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Donut Basket from San Jose.


Lessie Hamill
Lessie Hamill

I haven't been in a donut shop for years, but I was early on Saturday morning, recently, and I got the hit. I landed in the donut basket after I had gone closer to a load and it found unexpectedly closed (thanks, internet.) it was only 7:30 clock, but there was a line. the short waiting time allowed me to plan my purchase and check the load. it smells no old fat in the frit and everything looked neat and clean. I have a dozen in six. all were super fresh and delicious, but the apple fritter was excellent. the best of all time. I shared this with a certain resistance.

Clare Rohan
Clare Rohan

always enthusiastic about their quality of service. after them I don't want to visit another donut shop.

Helene Koepp
Helene Koepp

I've been coming here since I was in elementary school. They watched me grow up and always have smiles on their faces. Their donuts are the best and always sell out. Their sandwiches are also great! I definitely recommend!

Prof. Jordane Walter PhD
Prof. Jordane Walter PhD

This is our go to bagel place, which is funny because it 's called Donut Basket. Big fan of the jalapeño cheddar bagel sandwich and the egg in their sandwiches are ridiculously good (never thought I 'd say that). My selective 2 year old loves them as well, so that 's always a win! This is definitely a place to get food to go. I think on average their bagel sandwiches tend to be about 6 dollars each or so, so a good weekend treat. Love the one with the mushrooms and egg definitely recommend that one! The other one we get is the egg ham and cheese and they don 't skimp out on any of the ingredients! They tend to not toast the sandwiches as well as other places do, so if you like your bagels toasted, you may want to say extra toasted. This is our regular spot!

Emmanuel Carter
Emmanuel Carter

AMAZING donuts, coffee, sandwiches! I love this place and the staff is so nice! They accidentally got our drink wrong (it was really loud but we were happy with what they made instead, and to make it up they gave us 2 extra donuts. Very very nice people and I'll continue to recommend them:

Brandon Flatley
Brandon Flatley

Always incredible service and quality of donuts!!! This place was packed on a Wednesday morning.

Georgiana Mann
Georgiana Mann

Great service great customer Servives I live on 13 St in San Jose and I drive twice week to this place this Donut place is way better then Rolls on 13 St.

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